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ARBAN Academy, a new type of education institute, was established by a private initiative at Purbadhala upazila of Netrokona district in 2011 with the commitment of building a knowledge-based society through technology enabled modern education system. As a part of building digital Bangladesh and digital transformation of education, the ARBAN ACADEMY has been using the curriculum prescribed by the government, as well as technology-based modern education materials such as multimedia projector and educational content. As a prerequisite to set up full digital education system in primary education, ARBAN ACADEMY, with the overall supervision and technical support of BIJOY DIGITAL, delivered modern learning device mini laptops to 40 students of the first grade on December 28, 2015. Classes are conducted with the help of BIJOY Digital Content. There is a 40-inch monitor for teachers in the classroom. Full-fledged digital classroom for primary education is an important chapter of introducing modern education system. Implementation of this system in different ways from conventional and traditional education system encourages all those who are involved with this such as students and teachers. On the other hand, many challenges are there in proper implementation of it. Due to the introduction of animated content in the full-fledged digital classroom of first grade lessons are becoming very attractive to the students and they are more focused on the lesson. Digital Class has a very high attendance rate due to presenting lessons with the help of many interesting content. With the help of straightforward content, students can master lessons in less time. The joyful atmosphere prevails in the class room comprising teachers and students. In a short time, students can be taught the right pronunciation and correct speech of letters and words. The teacher can easily present the content to all students properly. A competitive attitude among the students can be created. Content can be delivered at similarly in a short time. For teachers the lessons are easier to present. Multimedia content works as a teacher's assistant. Teacher can create content suitable for classes. Teachers' competence enhances by using e-books and e-content.

A number of facilities were also created at the institutional level. All the students of the institution are paying more attention to their respective lessons. The efficiency and capabilities of the institution are increasing in technology-based education programs. With the visits of different levels of inspectors, opportunities for new ideas are increasing. In the technology-based education program, opportunities for connecting to different networks of the organization have been created.