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With the promise of building information and knowledge based society in 2007, ARBAN IT has been established by the Activity for Reformation of Basic Needs-ARBAN. Since its inception, ARBAN-IT has started various types of technology based activities in its working area. In 2009, after the declaration of Vision-2021 for building Digital Bangladesh by the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, ARBAN-IT took initiative to implement the technology-based activities in a comprehensive manner, coordinating with local administration as supportive force of government to build digital community with the support of donors and partners. To combat the challenges of the current century, the key areas of ARBAN-IT for creating trained and skilled manpower are- digital education, e-health care, skill development training, creating digital applications, e-agriculture and thematic information and consulting services etc. The main focus of the organization is to improve the socio-economic status and potential of human society and to ensure the best utilization of talent and resources, to build a technology based knowledge society. Creating Digital Application, Computer Training Center, Info-Peddler, Infolady, E-Health Services and Out Sourcing are the major activities of ARBAN IT.