Ajker Arban

AJKER ARBAN DOT COM (www.ajker-arban.com) is an online news portal initiated by ARBAN based on the development and educational information of local, regional, national and international realms. One of the most important efforts of AJKER ARBAN DOT COM is to join the mainstream of the development and the potential young people with a slogan "dream of touching the sky". AJKER ARBAN DOT COM has been emerged as an online-based news media for campaigning analytical news on various historical events as well as art, culture, education, agriculture, natural resources, heritage, people friendly public-private initiatives, prospects, political philosophy and national thinking in overall development, technology and youth society, women's initiative, sports, international perspectives. By utilizing the concept of citizen journalism AJKER ARBAN DOT COM’s commitment is to show everyone the 'dream' of becoming responsible for building a rich society through spreading the positive and objective news on analytical, investigating, development thinking and above all upholding the spirit and achievement of the Liberation War.

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